Simple Ways To Make Sure You Have Healthy Drinking Water At Home

Your body depends on clean water to stay healthy. Depending on where you live in the country, your city water system can have a variety of chemicals and minerals in it. The water may meet state and federal standards, but nothing beats filtered water with no additives. Instead of relying on bottled water from the store, home water filtration equipment can give you fresh water from every tap in your house. [Read More]

How To Use Bushes Against A House

Planting bushes beside a house is an effective way to make your landscape more attractive. These bushes are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also functional. This is because plants help to prevent water damage to homes by drawing up any excess water. They can also help with soil retention. Prior to selecting bushes, take in to account both the plant's characteristics as well as the site where they will be planted. [Read More]

Using An Electrician To Safely Replace A Residential Service Entrance

Every home has a power meter to measure electricity as it is consumed. The junction point where household electrical wiring connects to the power utility is referred to as the service entrance. Most service entrances are located outside, and replacement is necessary if the components are worn or damaged. The service entrance consists of a mounting base for the power meter, along with connecting cables. One heavy cable connects the meter to the incoming power lines, and another cable runs to the circuit breaker panel inside your house. [Read More]

Mobile Home Roof Maintenance

If you own a mobile home, it's very important that you properly maintain its roof. Mobile home roofs are usually made of a rust resistant metal. Asphalt is used as a sealant around any pipes or protrusions. There are times when it's necessary to carry out maintenance on a mobile home roof. However, this is not particularly difficult or very expensive. You should make repairs and do maintenance to your roof whenever you notice leaks on the inside, weak areas or cracks. [Read More]