3 Steps to Check to Ensure Your Furnace Isn't Blocked

Before winter every year, you need to make sure that your furnace is getting enough air. Without this airflow, it will be difficult for the furnace to start. The easiest way to ensure this is to look for obstacles that might block airflow. You don't want to find this out after it gets cold enough for you to actually need the furnace to be turned on. Follow these steps to simply reassure yourself that your furnace will work before the cold comes. [Read More]

Important Reasons To Have A Professional Replace Your Aging Submersible Well Pump

Do you have your own private water well? Is your current pump starting to get old? Here are some reasons why you should have a professional replace your current submersible well pump: Confirm proper wiring: A submersible well pump can use significant amounts of electricity. Because it is used in and around water, it should also be installed with a ground fault interrupter circuit to prevent electrocution. A professional will be able to confirm whether or not the circuit is supplying enough power for the submersible well pump that you need. [Read More]

Three Tips To Doing Your Own Minor Repairs To Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofing can be a great roofing product to have on your home, but it may eventually need to have repairs done. For major repairs or replacement of your entire roof, you may want to contact a professional roofing contractor; minor repairs and maintenance are something that you can do yourself with a little skill. You can do things like clean the roof, replace a shake and putting loose shakes back in place. [Read More]

3 Hidden Superpowers Of Modern Asphalt

Believe it or not, asphalt is useful for far more than just covering roads, parking lots and sidewalks. In fact, the technology that goes into making asphalt has progressed greatly over the last century, and the asphalt of today is a major engineering feat. The matter that supports your feet and tires on a daily basis is probably engineered to cut down on noise, protect itself, and even heal itself.  [Read More]