3 Myths About Air Conditioning That Could Cost You Money

There are many myths surrounding every aspect of air conditioning units ranging from how it functions to energy efficiency. Knowing the truth can not only save you money, but keep you from making a poor decision when it comes to cooling your home. Here are some of the most common myths about air conditioning.  1. Energy Efficient Units Automatically Save Money Ideally, when you purchase and install an energy efficient air conditioning unit, you will start to see your energy bills go down. [Read More]

How To Stop Dumpster Divers

Dumpster diving is a common way for people to save money by finding discarded objects they could put to good use. If you need to use a roll off dumpster, you might find dumpster divers looking through your garbage. While you might like it that your possessions are being put to good use, it can also be a hassle if someone is trespassing on your property to dive into your dumpster. [Read More]

Want To Make Some Changes? Choose A New Exterior Door

Exterior entry doors are one of the first things people see when they drive up your driveway, or drive or walk by your house. If you have not changed out your door in some time, head to the nearest home supply store and pick out a new one. If you have not purchased a new door in some time, you will find different materials, and may be confused on what is best to purchase. [Read More]

Update Your Boat Dock With These 5 Marine Construction Ideas

If it's time to do the annual clean-up and repair of the dock to get it ready for boating season, consider a few upgrades to make your dock even more convenient, safer and lower maintenance. Your local dock building contractor can help you install these features while they do the normal repairs. Invest a little in your dock now and get many more hours of enjoyment out of it this season. [Read More]