Why Your Business Should Be Covered With A Green Roof

Whether you're constructing a new business facility or renovating the roof on your current structure, a green roof should be one of the top contenders in your lineup of options.  A green roof takes its name from the fact that the roof is covered in living, green vegetation that absorbs storm water and rays from the sun.  It differs from the more traditional asphalt or concrete roofs and offers a number of significant benefits. [Read More]

Tips for Using a Drain Snake on a Clogged Toilet Drain

If your home has an older toilet that clogs frequently, then you should purchase a drain snake, also known as a toilet auger. The drain snake, as the name implies, is a long piece of stainless steel metal cabling that is fed into the toilet's drain through the toilet bowl. The drain snake has a handle, and as you rotate the handle the cable moves through the toilet's drain and down into the plumbing below. [Read More]

Brick Paver Cleaning Guide: Removing Oil Stains From The Driveway

A brick paver driveway can add ambiance to your driveway. That is, until your kids get their first used car and it leaks oil on it. Old car oil will stain surface the brick pavers and take away from the ambiance. You need to remove the old oil that has leaked into the pours, cracks, and crevices on the brick pavers to get rid of the stain. Here is how you can remove the oil from your brick paver driveway. [Read More]

How To Keep Your Window Screen Safe From Your Cat

Window screens are great because they allow you to ventilate your house and enjoy the breeze without having to worry about bugs getting in. However, window screens are highly vulnerable to their natural enemy: the house cat. Curious cats will easily claw through a window screen, forcing you to have to repair or replace it. Here are some tips for protecting your window screen from your cat. 1. Purchase a Flexible Window Screen [Read More]