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The Foam Insulation Guide To Improving The Energy Designs Of Commercial Properties

If you own a commercial property, you want to reduce energy waste. Therefore, there are improvements that you want to invest in for your business. Today, there are a lot of options for these improvements for your business, including foam insulation. Therefore, you may want to know where your business can benefit from foam insulation improvements. The following information will help you choose the best foam insulation improvements to improve the energy design of your business.

Options for Spray Foam Roofs — The first area where you may want to consider using spray foam to enhance your business's design. These features can be specially designed spray foam roofs, which are then coated with an impermeable seal coating. They can also be solutions that involve spraying the roof structure with coatings of foam materials until the desired thickness is achieved. These foam insulation improvements to the roof structure will provide a better thermal barrier to make buildings more energy-efficient.

Insulating Walls with Spray Foam — The walls are another area where you may want to add insulation to your business. The best improvements for walls are exterior walls, but there may be other areas where you want to add foam insulation. If you have walk-in freezers or other refrigerated storage space, you will also want to have all the surrounding walls in these areas insulated. This will help improve the efficiency of these mechanical systems to reduce energy loss in your business.

Using Foam to Stop Air Leaks — Air leaks are a major problem that can cause your business to lose a lot of energy. Therefore, you want to make sure that there are as few as possible. Spray foam is a great solution to stop these leaks and update your business. Areas that need to be sealed to stop air leaks include mechanical systems and other penetrations. Adding foam insulation to these areas will help reduce energy loss and make your business more efficient.

Adding Spray Foam to Other Structural Elements — There are other areas of your business where you may want to add foam to the structure. You can have spray foam added to any areas that can potentially be a source of energy loss. Some of these areas include voids in walls and other spaces like floor systems. You can also use spray foam insulation to create sound barriers to make your business more private and secure in specific areas.  

These are areas where you may want to invest in your business's foam insulation improvements. Contact a foam insulation service to discuss these improvements for your business.