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How Do You Know If An Old Chimney Needs To Be Restored?

When you take a look at an old house, you are bound to discover at least one fireplace or two, which means you should also see something else: at least one chimney. As the owner of an older home, you probably already view the existing chimney as an admirable architectural feature that you would like to keep around. Unfortunately, really old chimneys can fall into major disrepair as they get old and go through season after season of use, and this can result in a safety hazard for your house. Check out some of the signs that should indicate to you that your old chimney needs to be properly restored.

Is the chimney moving away from the house?

Take a close look at the chimney and its position on the house. Grab a ladder of you must and check out the top of the chimney; go down to the base of the chimney where it joins the home's foundation. Do you see any signs that the chimney is moving away from the house, such as leaning, sinking into the foundation, or separation between chimney masonry and the home? If you do find any signs, it is a surefire indication that restoration is a must. 

Has the chimney got a lot of cracks in masonry work?

It is pretty normal for small cracks and fissures to develop in old masonry work, especially in the mortar between the stones. However, if the chimney on your home is cracking in multiple places, it may mean the chimney is in danger of toppling with a little pressure. A lot of cracks can be repaired by a professional chimney repair company, and this can suffice in some situations. But if there are multiple cracks, it is a sign of overall instability and the chimney really should be fully replaced. 

Does the chimney have an interior liner?

Older chimneys were not always lined with a liner because this really was not a requirement. Modern chimneys must have a liner in the flue to protect the masonry work and lower the risks of a fire. If your old home's chimney seems to have no liner at all, it is a good indicator that the chimney should be restored. In some cases, a liner can be installed in an older chimney, but this can take some doing and can only happen if the structure of the chimney is sound. 

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