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Septic Tank Problems That Can Lead To Damage And Disruptions

A damaged septic tank can pose a significant threat to your property. For the most part, a modern septic tank will be highly reliable, and it is likely to go many years without suffering any type of malfunctions. However, it is important to be prepared for the most common issues a septic tank is likely to encounter.


A leaking septic tank can pose major health and environmental hazard. For those that have a water well as their source of water, this can lead to permanent contamination of it. Quick detection and repair of leaks is a vital step for a homeowner to take with these systems. A septic system that is leaking will usually present some warning signs that may alert you to this problem, such as puddles of foul-smelling water above the tank, unusually green or rapid plant growth and eroding soil. When leaks are present, the septic tank may need to be excavated so that repairs can be made. This is considered a major repair, but the damage that be caused by failing to make these repairs can be substantial.


Clogs are another issue that can lead to your septic system experiencing problems. When clogs form, it is often due to the tank being poorly maintained or inorganic materials being put into it. A clog will usually manifest as your plumbing experiencing a severe slowdown or a complete blockage. These issues will usually impact the entire home's plumbing. Depending on the location of the clog, it may be possible to avoid major excavation. As long as the clog is in the septic tank itself as opposed to the drain field, it may be possible for a contractor to remove the clog. However, a clog that is in the drain field may only be reached through excavating this part of the system. Regularly pumping the septic tank and being diligent with avoiding putting harmful materials into it will allow you to avoid this problem.

Inadequate Capacity

Over time, the needs of your home can change, which can lead to situations where the septic tank is no longer large enough to meet your needs. This can lead to you having to pump the tank every year or two in order to avoid the risk of clogs or other performance problems. While upgrading to a larger septic tank will be a fairly intensive project, it may be essential for meeting the long-term septic needs for your family.

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