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3 Benefits Of Having Your Brick Surfaces Tuckpointed

Do you have a brick wall or brick home exterior that is beginning to look a little worn or disheveled? You may feel overwhelmed every time you look at it since replacing brick is such a big endeavor. However, there is another alternative to repair and restore the brick wall: tuckpointing. This process involves chiseling away the outer layer of the mortar and adding new mortar in its place. Here are three benefits of having your aging brick surfaces tuckpointed.

1. It's a lot easier and cheaper than replacing the brick

A newly tuckpointed structure won't look brand new, but it will look a whole lot better than one where the mortar is chipping away and becoming discolored. Tuckpointing is a much cheaper choice than replacing the brick, largely because there are few materials involved. All your contractor will need is some mortar and a few basic tools to apply it. The bricks will stay in place, so you are not paying to replace them. Tuckpointing is also an easier, faster project than replacing an entire brick structure so that you will pay less for labor.

2. It's easier to work around

Your contractor can probably tuckpoint your home's surfaces in just a few days, and between work sessions, he or she can seal off the area, and you can go on living as normal in your house. With full brick replacement, this is not always the case. Certain areas of the home may be unstable while the brick is being replaced, so you may not be able to use a few rooms for a while. Plus, there would be a lot of equipment to work around.

3. It preserves the original brick

If your home is historic or has a distinct look, replacing the brick might take away from that look. This could reduce the value of the home or make it less appealing to buyers. When you tuckpoint, however, the overall look is not changed -- other than looking refreshed and cleaned-up. If there are a few bricks that are badly damaged, your contractor may be able to replace them while tuckpointing, but without the need to tear down and replace the whole wall.

To learn more about tuckpointing, contact a bricklaying company in your area. They can come take a look at your home and offer you an estimate. Most projects are surprisingly affordable, especially compared to the cost of laying new brick. Contact a company like Excel Chimney & Fireplace Service for more information and assistance.