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How Gutter Guards Reduce The Need For Gutter Maintenance And Increase Protection For Your Home

Cleaning out your gutters can be a lot of work with multiple climbs up and down a ladder and digging out wet clumps of decaying leaves. If your property has multiple trees near the house, you might have to go through this process a couple of times each year. One way to decrease the amount of work you have to do to keep your gutters clean is to have gutter guards installed. These greatly reduce the amount of leaf debris that gets inside the troughs, which means they don't require as much work to maintain. Here's a look at how they work and why you should consider having them installed.

How Gutter Guards Keep Your Gutters Clean

There are different designs for gutter guards. Some of them cover the top of your gutters with plastic mesh or screen. This allows rain to fall into the gutters as it should, but leaves stay on top to be blown off. Other guards have a solid top with slots to allow rain to enter. However, the sides are slanted somewhat so leaves fall from the gutters more easily.

The covers that fit on top might be seen from the street, so you'll probably want to pick a color that blends in with the troughs. Some gutter guards are made to hide down inside the troughs. This might be made of foam or brushes that do not block the flow of water but since they take up room in the trough, leaves can't get inside to accumulate.

Why You Should Consider Having Them Installed

When leaves are kept out of the troughs, you'll have a lot less work to do when it's time to clean out your gutters. However, that's not the only reason to have gutter guards installed. Gutters provide a lot of protection for your home. They protect the roof as well as the foundation from water damage. When leaves get inside and clog up the flow of rain, water falls over the side of the troughs and can cause a wet basement or it may even damage your foundation over time.

If you get lax in cleaning out leaves, your home could suffer from water damage. Installing gutter guards is a way of protecting your home and helping the gutters do their job of diverting water from your house. Gutter guards can also keep pests out of your gutters. They can physically block rats or birds that want to build nests in the troughs. If the openings are small enough, the guards can even block roaches and other big bugs that are drawn to the damp conditions inside the gutters.

It's usually a quick process to have gutter guards installed. You can have them added at the same time you have new gutters put in or you can have them installed on your current gutters. If your gutters are often full of leaves, pine needles, or tree debris, then having guards installed is worth looking into so your home is protected and you can reduce how often you need to clean out the troughs. Contact a service, like Wrights Gutters & Guards , for more help.