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3 Features For Glass Handrails In Business And Commercial Buildings

Glass railings are a nice interior and exterior design element for business and commercial properties because they look sophisticated and professional. When you have decided to incorporate a glass handrail, there are additional choices you will need to make to help it work for your property.


An ideal feature to add to your glass handrails is lighting. Many railings can be constructed with different colors of light, which not only adds to the aesthetics of your building, but can work as a safety feature as well. The addition of light can make it easier for people to use the stairs once daylight has gone, especially if you want your building to be surrounded by soft lighting. Buildings that host late-night galas or other formal events will benefit from the ambiance of soft white lighting along the stairs. You can easily change the bulbs for different effects, depending on the theme. More upbeat or festive events would benefit from blue, red, green, or multi-colored lighting. For ordinary business or commercial usage, choose soft yellow lighting for a good amount brightness without being harsh.

Top Rails

The decisions you make for your top rails will likely depend on whether the railing is for an interior or exterior staircase. Aluminum is a good choice for interior staircases because it is lightweight and you do not have to worry about weathering or corrosion. For exterior staircases, you should choose stainless steel. It is significantly heavier than aluminum and more weather-resistant, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications. The size and shape of your top rail can also be important. Opt for a medium-sized handrail. If the handrail is too large, it may be impossible to grasp. Conversely, a smaller, more narrow handrail can be difficult to use for people with hand limitations, such as arthritis, where swelling may decrease their grip strength. A rounded or oval top rail is also a better choice than one that is more angular, because it better matches the natural contour of the human hand, making it easier to grasp.

Glass Features

You need to consider safety features for the glass you use for hand railings. The most important will be its shatter resistance, especially for exterior applications. If the glass breaks, all the pieces are held together because the glass is laminated. This will prevent shards of glass from turning into projectiles and causing additional damage or injury. Other safety features you should consider are films or coatings that prevent glare. With direct sunlight, glass can become highly reflective and blinding, especially if it is an exterior staircase near the street. Opting for glass that is slightly tinted may also be helpful. This will keep the glass cooler in direct sunlight and reduce glare.

When choosing a glass handrail, the specific features you choose will affect the end result and how well it works with your property. In addition to improving aesthetics, adding different safety features will prolong the longevity of your hand rail.