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3 Reasons To Invest In A Crane Equipped With A Lighting System

Access to the right machinery makes it possible for construction crews to safely and effectively complete each project they work on. When a job requires the movement of heavy loads from one place to another, then access to a crane is critical. It's important that you recognize not all cranes are created equal when the time to invest in a crane for your construction company arrives.

Here are three reasons why you should be investing in a crane equipped with its own lighting system in the near future.

1. Lighted cranes allow you to bid on more lucrative projects.

If you are hoping to secure some lucrative municipal, state, or federal contracts in the future, then having a lighted crane could allow you to bid on these projects. It's inconvenient to close down roadways and other thoroughfares when travelers are using them during the day.

As a result, most government contracts require crews to work at night to complete a construction project. A lighted crane will give your crew the ability to work during the night with ease, allowing you to bid on more lucrative government projects in the future.

2. Lighted cranes make rigging safer.

Construction crews typically start working very early in the morning in order to get as much done as possible before it gets hot outside. This means that heavy machinery is often being prepared in the early morning hours when visibility may be limited.

When you have a crane equipped with its own lighting system, your crew members can use this lighting as they are rigging the crane for daily use. Adequate light during the rigging process will help eliminate rigging errors, making your construction site a lot safer.

3. Your crane's lighting system can be used in versatile ways.

When you have access to a lighted crane, you can use the lighting system to help illuminate objects at a distance from the crane. Look for a crane whose lights can be controlled remotely.

These lights can swivel and rotate to provide maximum illumination for any project you are working on. You can redirect the light from the ground, allowing you to illuminate objects in the distance. This feature could prevent potential collisions between your crane's boom and distant objects like buildings or electrical lines.

When you understand the ways a lighted crane can serve as an asset to your construction company, it's easy to see why your next machine upgrade should be a crane equipped with a lighting system. For more information, contact a company like Winslow Crane Service Co.