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Windows: How To Maximize Your Heat And UV Resistance

Windows with argon-E glass are marvels of modern window technology. They are able to keep heat and cooled air inside where it belongs, while also reducing UVA and UVB rays. However, there are ways to maximize these benefits too. Here are just a few things you can do to make your windows even better than they already are.

UV Ray Filter Films

You have probably seen UV ray filter films on cars and framing glass. It is slightly less clear/opaque, with a sort of dull finish. This darker film/finish is the result of applying a UVA/UVB filter films to the glass at the factory, or by using stick-on films you can apply yourself. The films can provide additional protection against the UV rays that can bleach and damage furniture, curtains, etc. Just ask for the films to be applied with your window order, or purchase the cut-to-fit stick-on films from your local DIY home improvement store.

Insulation Plastic

Insulation plastic comes in pre-cut sheets to fit standard-sized windows. If you have windows of an unusual shape and/or size, you can cut the plastic sheets to fit or adhere several larger sheets to each other. If you apply the plastic sheets to both the interior and exterior sides of your windows, there is no possible way for any drafts from either direction to get through. This means that your home will definitely be warm all winter and cool all summer.

Room Darkening Shades or Curtains

Room-darkening shades can also block drafts and excess sunlight from entering your home. If you use these types of shades or curtains in conjunction with the insulation plastic and/or the UV ray filter films, you are adding even more protection and heat/cooling efficiency. Look for shades, curtains, or blinds that specifically say they are "room-darkening" or have vinyl or rubber backing for the prevention of drafts.

A Word about Doors

Now that you have your windows maxed out for heat and energy efficiency, consider making changes to your doors. Doors are the next biggest culprits of heat loss. When you have your window installation expert out to take measurements for new windows, have him or her give you an estimate for new doors too. There are several high-tech door options that can prevent the loss of heat and cooled air. This includes storm doors that seal the area around the main doors, thus preventing heat/cooled air loss even when you have the main door open.

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