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Why You Should Consider Installing Artificial Grass In Your Yard

Are you tired of a front yard that looks dead and lifeless most of the time because you're trying to conserve water? Are you wishing that you had more options? Even if you hate xeriscaping, you might be tempted to replace your lawn with things like cacti and other hardy desert plants, surrounding these plants with quartz rocks. But you may be reluctant to take this final step for a variety of reasons. Fortunately for you, there is another choice. Artificial turf grass may be exactly what you're looking for. Some reasons to have artificial grass put in include:

Realism: You may not have even considered using artificial turf grass after seeing fake grass that looks like it belongs in an Easter basket rather than out in the yard. Early forms of artificial grass bore little resemblance to the real thing, aside from the fact that they were green. They may have been the wrong color or cut to look like a green carpet outside or with any other number of flaws. While you can still get artificial grass that looks fake, you have more options when it comes to modern choices. If you choose to pay a little more, you can get synthetic grass that is nearly identical in appearance to what might grow out in your yard.

Safety: If you have pets or young children, rocks and prickly plants are obviously not the best choices if you want to allow them to play outside. While kids might be able to play on the driveway, that's not the safest place for them either. And your dogs will need somewhere to relieve themselves that won't result in potential injury. With artificial turf grass, there's little to no danger. You will need to pick up after your dogs more often and to briefly hose down the area afterward, but that will use less water than a lawn and you won't have to worry about anyone coming inside with thorns or other injuries.

Cost: Even if you don't count water as an expense, maintaining a beautiful lawn can be costly. You have to mow it, which requires that you keep the mower's blades sharp and you have to pay for the gasoline or electricity that powers the mower itself. You also have to fertilize and you may need to buy weed killer to prevent unwanted plants from taking over your lawn. Once you add up all of these costs over the course of a year, you might be surprised at just how much you're spending. But when you install artificial turf grass, there is very little maintenance to be done. You have to make sure that the edges aren't coming up and you may need to sweep or briefly spray your lawn with water from time to time to remove dust, but that's about it. You won't have much else to do with your lawn except enjoy its beauty.

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