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Three Tips To Help Lower Your Home's Summer Cooling Costs

Your home's air conditioner can have tremendous energy demands. However, running these devices can be essential for ensuring that your house is as comfortable as possible on extremely hot days. For those that are concerned about the costs of using these systems, it may be wise to use the following tips to help decrease the demand on your air conditioner to lower your energy costs.

Invest In Solar Screens

Sunlight entering through your windows can be one of the largest sources of heat gain for your house. Regrettably, there are many homeowners that make the critical mistake of assuming that there is nothing that can be done to offset this problem.

Fortunately, solar screens can allow you to prevent the sun from heating your home. These screens are made of a special mesh that can prevent the sunlight from entering through your windows. However, this mesh will allow enough of the sunlight into the house to keep rooms from being dark, and they are designed to avoid interfering with your ability to see outside.  

Improve Interior Air Circulation

Improving the air circulation in your home's interior can be critical for ensuring the house is as evenly cooled as possible. Cold air is denser than warm air, and this can cause it to gradually sink to the floor. To help prevent this from causing your home's interior air to settle into different temperature layers, you should place fans in the corner of the rooms or use the ceiling fans. These fans will help to generate a current of air that will disrupt the different temperature layers.

Invest In Landscaping Upgrades To Increase Shade

If your exterior air conditioning unit is in the path of direct sunlight, it is possible for it to become extremely hot during the summer months. This heat can contribute to the system needing to expend more energy to cool your home as it will have to offset the high temperature of the exterior unit. However, it is possible for you to help minimize this problem by covering the exterior unit in shade.

To do this, you can plant a tree or bushy plant near the air conditioning unit. Additionally, you could also build a small shed to help shade this unit. However, if you live in a community with a homeowners' association that does not allow these type of upgrades, you may be able to coat the exterior unit with white paint or a reflective sealant to help reflect as much of the sun's light and heat as possible.

Finally, contact an air conditioning contractor from a company like Metro Air to inspect your AC unit and ensure it is running as efficient as possible.