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Having A Wedding At Your Home? 2 Tips On Setting It Up For Your Guests

If you are planning a backyard wedding, there is much more to it than planning the flowers and what you are going to serve. First, you need to ensure that your guests have no parking problems, and how everyone will be seated. Below are two tips to help you get started so the wedding will be a success.


Even if you are only going to have a dozen people at the wedding, you have to figure out the parking arrangements. If you live on a street and there is enough room, your guests could park themselves there. If this is not a feasible option, rent a parking lot that is near your home and rent a bus or limo to shuttle people to your home. In some cases, you can rent a public park or a private lot also. You have to call the lot or park owners to get their permission before you start sending out the invitations.

If you do have room on your property for your guests to park, mark it off with a temporary fence. This way, they will not be confused on where they should park. Hire someone to direct them to an empty space when they arrive. You can rent this type of fence from a fencing company.

Temporary fences are made up of self-supporting, free-standing fence panels. The panels interlock and are held together with couplers. This makes the fence flexible and easily portable. The fencing panels stay in place with weighted feet. You can choose from a variety of accessories to go with the fencing panels, such as handrails, gates, and bracing. You generally find fencing panels made of either plastic, weld mesh or chain link.


You can rent chairs for your wedding to help you save some money. Decorate the back of the chairs with flowers that coordinate with the colors of your wedding along with some ribbons. If you plan to have tables also, put a beautiful tablecloth over each one with a decorative centerpiece, such as candles or flowers.

You should also rent a tent to put over the seats. This will protect your guests if it rains, and will also protect them from getting too much sun. This will also keep your decorations on your table in case there is a breeze.

You should consider hiring a wedding planner to help you if you are having problems setting up your backyard wedding.