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Bathroom Renovations: 3 Updates To Make To Your Toilet For A Luxurious Experience

If you are embarking on a bathroom renovation, there is no time like the present to really go all out with the luxurious features in the space. You want to update the bathroom with features that will not only look great, but you also want to select features that will make your life easier and more comfortable. However, there may be some unique bathroom features that you have never even thought of or that you didn't even know existed in this world, yet that you could actually benefit from. Here are a few high-tech, out-of-this-world features that have been designed specifically for your toilet that you may want to consider having installed during your upcoming bathroom renovation:

1. Hands-Free Lid Lifting/Lowering and Flushing 

Wouldn't it be nice if the toilet lid would automatically lift for men and lower for women? Absolutely! It sure would save a lot of fights between husbands and wives. Then, on top of that, after you're done using the bathroom, how nice it would be if you could simply wave your hand and the toilet would mechanically flush itself? Incredibly nice, right? This would be ideal for the germaphobe as well as the habitually lazy!

2. Built-In Music Player

Whether you want to hide the noise of yourself taking care of your bathroom business or you simply want to remain entertained while you are in the bathroom, you may want to consider having a music player built into your toilet. Some toilets will come with pre-loaded music, such as nature sounds or classical music, while others will have a SD slot that will allow you to load a custom playlist.

3. Air Deodorizer

You know how awful those smells can get in the bathroom, especially after you've had a full Mexican dinner. However, you don't have to continue being embarrassed when you have guests over. Well, as long you have a deodorizer built into your toilet that is. In some cases, these air fresheners are built into toilet seats and can be purchased and installed by homeowners. These toilet features work a couple of different ways. These deodorizers have a carbon filter that helps to remove the smells from the toilet bowl. At the same time, the deodorizers release a fragrance into the air allowing the room to smell fresh and clean.

If you would like to learn more about the aforementioned toilet upgrades or are interested in becoming familiar with other high-tech updates that can be made to your toilet and the rest of your bathroom space, consider reaching out to a professional plumber in your local area. For more information, contact companies like Beebe Inc.