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Leaky Roofs May Be The Result Of Other Design Flaws In Your Home

Are you like many other property owners who are oblivious to potential roofing issues? Using the presence of a leak as a guiding point for roof repairs is a wise idea, but you also need to be aware of areas in your home that can contribute to roofing leaks. By the time you notice a leak, it may mean that additional damages such as mold might be present. The following points will help you to understand areas of your home that might make your roof prone to leaks.

Know the odd entry points.

Chimneys, plumbing vents and skylights are all examples of entry points that may make your home susceptible to leaks. Ensure that your chimney has flashing. The area around plumbing vents may be prone to cracking if they are made from rubber or a similar material. This area may also need to have simple maintenance performed from time to time to ensure that it is sealed and that the flashing around it has not been compromised by chewing rodents. Some skylights have design flaws that make it impossible for water not to get trapped in them, and this trapped water may leak and eventually cause roofing issues. 

Ensure gutters are installed properly and free of debris.

Simply having gutters is not enough. Properly installed gutters will channel water away from your home, and the water should flow freely. If material is trapped in your gutters, it is possible that the water may back up and cause moisture issues that negatively your impact roof. A similar issue may occur if gutters are not installed to drain correctly. 

Ensure you have a drip edge that is serving its intended purpose.

The drip edge is an area of your home that might make the exterior more appealing. The purpose of a drip edge is not to merely be beautiful. Its intended purpose is to keep water off the roof. If the drip edge is damaged or you do not have one, it is possible that building materials can get damaged in the roofing area. Rotting wood is an example of a damage that may lead to a roofing leak due to the absence of a drip edge. 

A roofing contractor is the best resource to use to determine whether or not you have roofing damages or risky areas that need to be reinforced to prevent damages. They can make this determination by performing roofing inspections. They can also explain why routine roofing inspections are your best defense against roofing damages. 

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