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Is Your Fire Extinguisher Equipped To Meet Your Needs? Three Important Factors To Consider

Just because you have a fire extinguisher, this doesn't mean you're protected. The unfortunate reality is that the extinguisher you have in your home might not be equipped to meet your needs or you might not really understand how to use it. To help ensure your home is safe from a fire, take a few moments to ensure your fire extinguisher is equipped to handle your needs. Examine your extinguisher to determine if you have any of the following problems:

It's The Incorrect Class

Make certain you have the right class of extinguisher for the area in your home you're trying to protect. The average homeowner is best equipped with a Class A, B and C extinguisher. Class A extinguishers are best suited for fires that contain wood, paper and plastics. Class B is better suited for grease and oil fires and Class C extinguishers are for fires involving electrical equipment, such as appliances.

If you were to have a Class A extinguisher in your kitchen, in the event of a grease fire the extinguisher might not work. To ensure your home is protected, ensure access to the right class of extinguisher.

It's An Outdated Unit

If your fire extinguisher is outdated, it might be less than effective in the event of a fire. The primary problem is that over time, the pressure inside an extinguisher declines. Once it reaches a certain low point, it's basically useless. Experts state that fire extinguishers last somewhere between 5 and 15 years.

However, there is no way to know exactly where on that scale your extinguisher is. To overcome this issue, it's a good idea to inspect your fire extinguisher every month to see where the pressure gauge is. Once it reaches the low marker, your extinguisher is outdated and needs to be replaced.

You Have A Lack Of Knowledge

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is a failure to have knowledge about their particular extinguisher. First, do you understand what distance at which you need to use the unit? Different extinguishers have different ranges at which they can operate. If you don't know what your extinguisher's max range is and you're standing too far away from the fire when using the unit, it might not work at eliminating the flame,

This will only allow the fire to grow and become a larger problem. Range limitations are only the beginning. To ensure your home is safe, make certain you understand how to use the unit and any limitations it might have.

A fire safety specialist can help you ensure your home's fire extinguisher is best equipped to meet your home's safety needs.