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Simple Tips For Caring For Your Lawn During Winter

Most homeowners tend to think that lawn care isn't as important during winter, since the lawn will be dormant and invisible due to heavy snow. However, lawn care shouldn't cease during winter if you are to keep it healthy and ready to bloom come the spring. In this article, you will learn tips on how to prevent your gardens, shrubs, grass and other vegetation from succumbing to serious damage due to the extreme winter temperature.

Trim the grass and clean the lawn

The final few mows before winter sets in are really critical to how your lawn will be able to recover from winter. Keeping the grass trim and able to stand on its own as opposed to cutting it too short is vital, as it will keep the grass from smothering itself when thawed.

Leaving the grass too long is also detrimental, as it could make the lawn more vulnerable to pest attacks and disease once the snow and ice thaws. Once you have trimmed your lawn to a medium height, do not forget to prepare the mower for cold weather storage by draining the oil in the tank and replacing the spark plugs.

Another important step to winter lawn care is removing debris and other objects from the surface before the snow starts to roll in. Branches, rocks, leaves and toys have to be removed, as they can smother the grass when covered in snow, making the lawn vulnerable to disease. Such debris can also harbor mice, termites and other pests, leading to damage to your property.

Divert foot traffic and cover shrubbery

Grass can be pretty resilient, often tolerating light foot traffic even when under heavy snow. However, spots of the lawn with heavy traffic may have a harder time growing back into that lush green once cleared of nature's white coat. To avoid permanent damage to spots that are heavily tramped on, consider putting in a paved walkway to keep foot traffic off the lawn.

Additionally, you should always protect your exposed shrubs and bushes from freezing rains or heavy snowfall by covering them up using heavy plastic sheets. You should then brush off accumulated snow on branches and leaves of fragile plants after a snow storm to prevent severe damage to the vegetation.

Just because you can't see your lawn during winter doesn't mean you should stop caring for it. If you aren't too handy yourself, consider hiring a local handyman to preform the maintenance tasks described above so as to protect your lawn from the harsh winter weather.