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Three Questions To Ask When You Need Your Windshield Repaired

You can't help but cringe and hold your breath when you see or hear a rock bouncing off your windshield while you travel down the highway, but your concern can quickly turn into relief when you see that the damage left behind is only small. While it's important to have the chip in your windshield addressed in a timely fashion so that it isn't able to grow into a crack, the benefit of a windshield chip is that it can typically be repaired at your local auto glass shop. If there are a few such shops in your community and you're trying to decide which one to visit, it's beneficial to call and ask these three questions.

Do You Offer Mobile Repairs?

If you have a busy schedule and you're concerned that you won't be able to visit the auto glass shop before the windshield chip grows in size, it's beneficial to hire a service that will come to where you are. Many auto glass shops have mobile technicians who can visit your home or place of work and repair the chipped windshield in your driveway or parking lot. You don't have to spend your time watching the job -- the technician will simply notify you when it's done and hand you a copy of the necessary paperwork.

Will You Work Directly With My Insurance Company?

It's ideal to hire an auto glass shop that will liaise with your insurance company to cut out the middle man or woman -- you -- in terms of making the payment. Reputable shops will bill your insurance company instead of bill you and leave you with the task of sorting out the finances with your insurance agent. Given that insurance companies often cover 100 percent of the cost of a windshield repair job, it's ideal to insist on dealing with a company that will work directly with your insurance company.

Is Your Repair Work Guaranteed?

While no shop will guarantee that your windshield won't sustain further damage from another rock, given that making such a claim would be irresponsible, reputable auto glass shops will provide their customers with a warranty on their repair work. The length of the warranty can vary by the shop, but look for a business that stands behind its work by pledging to handle any problems free of charge if the repair fails within a specific number of months.

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