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Tips for Using a Drain Snake on a Clogged Toilet Drain

If your home has an older toilet that clogs frequently, then you should purchase a drain snake, also known as a toilet auger. The drain snake, as the name implies, is a long piece of stainless steel metal cabling that is fed into the toilet's drain through the toilet bowl. The drain snake has a handle, and as you rotate the handle the cable moves through the toilet's drain and down into the plumbing below. As it moves through the plumbing, the auger breaks up any clogs that it encounters and allows the toilet to drain.

Using a toilet auger is a simple procedure, but it can be messy if you don't use it correctly. By following these simple tips, you can learn to use a drain snake like a professional plumber and clean out your own toilet clogs without needing to make a service call.

Wear Gloves and Safety Glasses when Using the Toilet Auger

Since the water in your toilet is contaminated with human waste that can make you ill, always wear gloves and safety glasses when you are working with a toilet auger. The best gloves to use for this project are the long rubber gloves sold to wear while washing dishes. This type of glove protects you against the water all the way up your forearm and they are designed to be completely waterproof.

Remove Excess Water before Using the Drain Snake

If you flushed the toilet and the water rose to the top of the bowl, then you should remove the bulk of the water before you attempt to use the drain snake to clear the clog. The drain snake will be moving around in the toilet and excess water will fling around the room if you don't take the time to remove it.

You can remove the water using a bowl and you can dispose of it down your shower's drain. Remove as much water as you can to reduce the amount of water that can potentially be disturbed by the toilet auger's rotation. Then be sure to thoroughly clean the floor and the shower after you finish clearing the clog.

Apply Firm Pressure on the Toilet Auger But Don't Force It In or Out of the Toilet's Plumbing

Finally, while you may view your toilet as a strong piece of porcelain, a drain snake that is not used correctly can easily damage a toilet. Jamming the toilet auger into the toilet can chip the porcelain, and so can yanking the auger out when it has cleared the clog. Instead, always insert and remove the auger using the crank handle.

By following these instructions, you can unclog your toilet in no time. However, if you still feel more comfortable hiring a professional to help you, contact a representative from a company like Rapid Rooter Inc.