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How To Keep Your Window Screen Safe From Your Cat

Window screens are great because they allow you to ventilate your house and enjoy the breeze without having to worry about bugs getting in. However, window screens are highly vulnerable to their natural enemy: the house cat. Curious cats will easily claw through a window screen, forcing you to have to repair or replace it. Here are some tips for protecting your window screen from your cat.

1. Purchase a Flexible Window Screen

First, when you purchase your window screen for the first time, try to make sure that it is as flexible as possible. This will help it take the additional weight of the cat's paws without the cat being able to force its way through. This will help protect your cat if it gets its claws caught in the window screen because it will ensure that your cat will be able to loosen its paws without forcing its way through the window and falling out of the house.

2. Put Heavy Items On Your Windowsill

Next, consider putting very heavy, decorative items on your windowsill. These items need to be heavy enough to prevent your cat from batting them to the side in order to get onto the windowsill. Place these objects so that your cat does not have easy access to the window, making it impossible for your cat to damage the window screen.

3. Make Higher Windows Impossible to Reach

Move your furniture away from the higher windows in order to ensure that your cat has no possible way of getting to the higher windows short of scaling a vertical wall. This will help keep your window screen out of harm's way.

4. Spray the Windowsill With Vinegar

Another possibility is to spray the windowsill with a substance that your cat will try to avoid, such as vinegar or a spray specifically designed to keep cats from coming near that you can purchase at a pet store. Reapply this spray every day or so in order to get your cat out of the habit of jumping on the window sill and looking through the window. Spray the vinegar or other type of spray on the screen itself for added protection.

5. Purchase Dense Screening

Although purchasing dense window screens will not allow as much of a breeze into your home, it will allow you to install a screen and not have to worry about your cat damaging it because the holes in the screen will be too small for your cat's claws to get through.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in window screen repair.