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3 Reasons To Invest In Crack Sealing For Your Roadways

When it comes to keeping driving conditions safe for motorists, roadway maintenance is essential. Investing in regular maintenance can be a simple way to prevent roads from falling into serious disrepair. One of the most important maintenance tasks you can invest in to keep the roads under your control in working condition is crack sealing. Here are three benefits that crack sealing can provide.

1. Crack sealing can prevent water damage.

Quality paving materials are designed to expand and contract as the air temperature changes. When cracks in the roadways fill with water, this expansion and contraction process is compromised. Water freezes when the air temperature gets too cool.

The hardened water in roadway cracks prevents the paving material from contracting properly. Impeding the contraction process could result in the formation of new cracks. Bysealing existing cracks to prevent water penetration, you can prevent additional water damage from plaguing your roadways.

2. Crack sealing can postpone more costly road repairs.

Investing in serious road repairs can be costly. With many municipal governments trying to reduce their budget expenses, investing in crack sealing can be a great way to prolong serious and costly road repairs.

By filling in cracks with sealant material, you can extend the life of your roadways by three to five years. Being able to postpone more costly repairs into the future gives your city or town time to save the money required to make repairs without straining the budget.

3. Crack sealing allows roadways to proper compressive stress distribution.

Many of today's roadways are constructed using flexible paving materials. These materials allow the stresses of daily use to be evenly distributed throughout each paving layer. Compressive stress is caused by direct tire contact on the road. This compressive stress is distributed to a larger surface area when the roadway is intact, preventing undue stress on the lower asphalt layers.

When cracks in the roadway are present, they disrupt the distribution of compressive stress. Sealing cracks with a crack sealant helps to restore the structural integrity of the top layer. This allows for proper compressive stress distribution, keeping your roadways more structurally sound over time.

Regular road maintenance is essential when it comes to protecting the motorists who travel throughout your city or town. Crack sealing can help you maintain road safety by preventing water damage and allowing for proper compressive stress distribution. Crack sealing also allows you to postpone major repairs into the future.

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