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Avoid Moisture Prolbems With Your Roof On A Commercial Property

Are you noticing water spots on the ceilings of your commercial property? If so, you have a moisture problem in your attic or directly under the roof, and your roof may not be ventilated properly.

There are a lot of concerns that may arise because you have poor ventilation that can damage the roof and put the people that work for you at risk. Here are a few reasons a commercial roofing professional needs to do an inspection in the space.

Avoid Ice Damns

Ice dams occur when there is hot air from the building hitting the roof, causing snow to melt. Once the snow melts, the air causes it to freeze again, and you end up with ice on your roof. This prevents snow and rain from running off the roof properly and can cause damage to the shingles and the roof base. It can also lead to leaks inside of the attic. If mold and mildew are forming, this is a breathing hazard for all inside the building.

Prevent Toxin Exposure

If your commercial property was built before the 1980's, you could have asbestos or lead in materials used throughout the attic, including insulation. If these items get moist, their toxins become airborne and then everyone in the building is exposed. This can be incredibly dangerous and can be avoided by keeping the attic dry. Ask the roofing professional to look at the insulation to see if they think it's toxic.

Stop Blistering Shingles

If there is no ventilation in the attic the shingles get very hot in the summer and they will start to blister. Once the blisters pop it leaves the roof exposed to water damage and pest damage. Improved ventilation will stop this from happening.

The roofing contractor will look at the roofing gables and the vents to see if there is enough air moving in and out of the space. They may suggest that you get an attic fan to help move air through the roof when the weather is humid or during the winter, which will depend on the type of roof on the building.This will help lower your cooling costs during the summer, and it will keep the attic dry to stop mold and mildew from accumulating throughout the space. 

The roof of your commercial property should be inspected annually by a commercial roofing contractor like Bob Behrends Roofing & Gutters LLC, to make sure that there aren't loose or damaged shingles, or other problems that could be affecting the structure of the roof, and the overall condition of your commercial space.