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Add Drama to Your Home with Paint

If you want to give a space in your home a fresh, unique look without the work and costs of a remodel, try adding color to the accents and trim of the room. Even simple changes, such as painting the molding or window sills can make a big difference in the perceived size and feel of your space.

Try these clever suggestions to reap rewards without the labor and costs of major refurbishments:

Creating whimsy with windows

Make your home's windows pop with a bit of contrasting paint on the frames and sills. If you don't want to paint the trim, add bold-colored blinds or shades and reflect this color in a potted plant or bouquet of flowers nearby. If the view is the real spectacle of the space, keep the window frames white to make the scenery stand out.

Making a statement with molding

Before painting the molding, look around your space. Use shades of paint that contrast with the surroundings to make your molding stand out, or use two different complementary colors to paint the molding and the molding's inner frame. Using two tones to paint the moldings will add depth and often change the perceived size of the space.

Contrasting with neutral tones

Any color can become more distinctive and stand out when it is placed near or on a lighter colored background, even soft, neutral tones. Even if your molding and trims are painted a muted gray, they can stand out if your walls are white, pale pink, or even soft yellow. Add a few drops of the contrasting color to the white paint used to paint doors or window frames to give it a softer appearance and more soothing color.

Using color to accent the space

Whether you are accenting your space with borders, trims, or objects, know how to mix and-match shades to best complement the color theme of the room. Be careful not to make jarring choices, or select colors that will constrict the space and make the room seem smaller or choppy.

Some distinct ways to give the home stylish accents include

  • Use rich tones of paint to trim for a luxurious, rich air.
  • Opt for pale shades of paint to lighten and bring a playful mood to your space.
  • Give a space a jolt of vitality by using bold, vibrant colors to accent your design.

You don't need to completely paint or refurbish a room to give it a new, fresh look, and contractors and designers will likely encourage you to keep the walls a neutral paint color. Try one of these ways to use paint and color to recreate and redefine a space in your home, that will complement your neutral walls and ceilings. It takes little time and effort to paint trim, moldings, windows, or bring in a pop of color through accents, and the results are dramatic.