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How To Stop Dumpster Divers

Dumpster diving is a common way for people to save money by finding discarded objects they could put to good use. If you need to use a roll off dumpster, you might find dumpster divers looking through your garbage. While you might like it that your possessions are being put to good use, it can also be a hassle if someone is trespassing on your property to dive into your dumpster.

Also, if you have anything that has your personal information on it, you might become a victim of identity theft:

Donate as Much as Possible

You can make your dumpster less appealing by donating as many items as possible. That way, these items will end up in the hands of those who can use them and your roll off dumpster will be less full.

Be Careful with Personal Information

Pay careful attention to anything that you throw away in the dumpster. Make sure that you are not tossing anything with personal information. Shred all documents even if you don't think they contain personal information. For example, those credit card approval letters that many simply throw in the trash could be taken by an identity thief and used for fast credit.

Besides papers and other documents, electronic devices are often obtained from dumpsters and used to obtain personal information. To avoid losing your personal information, always wipe your hard drive clean using a software program designed to permanently delete date. Simply deleting your files will not eliminate them because deleting simply marks a file to be overwritten. If your computer has not overwritten your personal information yet, it will still be available to identity thieves.

Carefully Position the Dumpster

Try having the dumpster placed in a location where it is not easily accessible. For example, if you have a security gate, you will want the dumpster to be placed within the security gate to keep intruders out. Another option is to park the moving fan in front of the dumpster for when the dumpster is not in use.

Use Locks and Signs

Many dumpsters come with locks and some municipalities specifically require that the dumpsters have locks to prevent dumpster diving. Ask the company providing the roll off dumpsters of whether they have lockable dumpsters. Also, communicate with the dumpster divers to inform them that they are not allowed to dig around inside your dumpster. Many believe that they are within their right to do so. Clarify that they are trespassing.

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