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Update Your Boat Dock With These 5 Marine Construction Ideas

If it's time to do the annual clean-up and repair of the dock to get it ready for boating season, consider a few upgrades to make your dock even more convenient, safer and lower maintenance. Your local dock building contractor can help you install these features while they do the normal repairs. Invest a little in your dock now and get many more hours of enjoyment out of it this season.

1. Boat Lift

Your boat's hull can get corroded by the brackish or salt water, drilled into by marine creatures, and pounded against the dock by swells and rough water. Get your boat up out of the water with a boat lift and save your hull and fittings. Whether mechanical or electronic, a boat lift keeps your hull from being damaged. It also gives you access to the hull for easier maintenance, cleanup and touch-up painting.

2. Dockside Seating

Make your dock a place to hang out by building storage spaces that double as bench seats around the dock. Use pre-fabricated storage lockers or custom build your own. The top swings open to reveal storage for your boat cleanup materials or extra marine gear. Waterproof cushions rest on top when the storage is closed and locked to create places to sit, relax and watch the sunset after a day of boating.

3. Picnic Space

Add a propane gas grill to the dock to make it a picnic space. Create a storage locker for the pots, pans and utensils you'll need to have your own crab boil from the catch you just brought in. Or make it a day with friends and family at the dock while working on the boat. Grill up their favorite burgers and brats as a way to say "Thanks" for their help.

4. LED Lighting

Highlight your dock, the walkway and ramps with LED strips. This increases the safety of your dock when walking on it at night. Use white LED strips for a traditional look or install color-changing programmable LEDs that you can alter with the seasons and special occasions.

5. Prevent Ice Damage

When ice forms around your pilings in winter, the pressure can force them out of the footings. This is an expensive repair in the spring unless you can prevent it. Polymer covers on your dock pilings stop ice from forming and sticking onto the wood. This keeps your pilings in place year round.

Make your dock something other than just a place to tie off your boat. Turn it into a recreation place where you and friends can enjoy the water view and rest after an afternoon of skiing or fishing. Contact Abbott's Construction Services Inc. for more information.