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3 Steps to Check to Ensure Your Furnace Isn't Blocked

Before winter every year, you need to make sure that your furnace is getting enough air. Without this airflow, it will be difficult for the furnace to start. The easiest way to ensure this is to look for obstacles that might block airflow. You don't want to find this out after it gets cold enough for you to actually need the furnace to be turned on. Follow these steps to simply reassure yourself that your furnace will work before the cold comes.

1. Locate the Exhaust Pipes on Your Furnace & See Where Lead

Take a close look at your furnace and locate the pipes that protrude from it. These pipes will almost always be black or white and will come from your furnace. They will either lead directly outside, or appear to disappear into an outer wall. If they do disappear into an outer wall, make a note of which wall they have entered.

Then, go outside and locate the pipes. If the pipes exited the house directly, they will be easy to find. Otherwise, search along the entire wall that you have noted until you find them. If the pipes are far above your head, make sure that you get a ladder so that you will be able to reach them properly.

2. Look into the Pipes

Often, any source of blockage will come from the outside and will become lodged within the front part of the pipe that is connected to the furnace. If you see anything inside of the exhaust pipes, manually remove it. If you don't see anything, this does not necessarily mean that there is nothing in the pipes; it just means that you will have to do some further searching.

3. Stick a Flexible Brush Through the Pipe

Next, stick a flexible brush into the pipe. This type of brush features a brush head and a flexible body that will be able to snake through the pipe. It can be purchased at a hardware store. Remove the flexible brush and examine it. If there is no solid dirt on the brush, then your pipes are clear. If there is some dirt, then there is something in your pipe. Get a vacuum and suck out the item. 

Even if your furnace was working perfectly at the end of last winter, you should perform this check in order to make sure that when the cold does come, your furnace will start the first time you turn it on. If you need professional assistance, contact resources such as Capital Heating & Cooling.