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Using Temporary Fencing

When you move to a new home with a dog, you will want to look into having a fence contractor come to install fencing on your property to keep your pet from running out of your yard. When you first move in, this may not be able to be done right away because there are other things to tend to. You will need to rely on a temporary fencing method until you are able to pick out a permanent solution. Here are some of the types of temporary fencing methods available that you can use to keep your dog in your yard.

Pool Fencing

Many people will pick up some pool fencing to place around their yard while waiting for their real fencing to be installed. This fencing is relatively cheap in price and is easy to install using poles. It is made from mesh material, making it easy to move around if you need to take it down for any reason. A dog would not be able to climb the fence and it will suffice as a barrier. One plus is being able to see through the fencing so you can see what your dog is doing if you are on the other side.

Wood Or Plastic Fencing

You can pick up temporary fencing pieces from your local hardware store to be able to install yourself. The pieces will interlock into each other, making it rather easy to put together. The fencing itself will work for smaller dogs, but may be a little too weak to hold a large dog. You can pick up fencing in a variety of colors and they have prefabricated gates that can be placed so you will have an entryway to the fenced in area.

Invisible Fencing

One type of fencing that helps keep a dog in a yard is invisible fencing. You would place small pieces in the ground along the perimeter of the area where you do not want your dog to pass. Your dog will need to wear a collar that is in tune with radioactive signals given off from the pieces you have buried. When your dog gets too close to the boundary, the collar will beep, and if they go beyond it, it will give them a light shock. In time, the dog will learn not to get too close to the area where the invisible boundary is located. This is a good way to teach your dog where they are allowed to roam while waiting for your new fencing to be installed.

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