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How To Fix 2 Common Awning Issues Yourself

Deck and patio awnings are a wonderful way to add comfortable outdoor living space to your home. Unfortunately, these awnings can have some problems. Here, you will learn how to fix some of the most common issues experienced by other awning owners.

The Awning Won't Open the Whole Way

If your awning just will not open as far as it should, the limit control may not be set properly. If this is the case, the fix is pretty easy. Go to the awning motor and locate a small dial on the side of it. You should be able to adjust the setting easily. After adjusting the setting, try opening the awning. If it still doesn't open fully, close it again and readjust the setting again. Continue this process until the awning opens fully.

Note: Using the manual opening and closing feature on your awning will allow the awning to open fully. This feature can make it possible to use the awning until a professional repair technician can complete the necessary adjustments or repairs.

The Electric Motor Failed

There are three main causes of electric motor failure. They include:

  1. Tripped breaker or blown fuse – Before you assume that there is something seriously wrong with the motor, check the breaker panel or fuse box. If everything appears to be in good working order, use an electrical tester to ensure the outlet that the motor is plugged in to is getting electrical charge. If you find that there is no electricity flowing to the outlet, contact your local electrician for repairs. This could be a sign that wiring has failed somewhere in your home that could lead to a fire.
  2. Electric sensor failure – These sensors are not used on all models of awnings, so this may not be your issue if the awning on your home is not equipped with them. The sensors monitor the weather conditions and can automatically close the awning if the wind levels increase to unsafe speeds or if heavy rains begin to fall. Over the years, you may find that these sensors need to be replaced more than once. You can order replacement sensors from the manufacturer and install them on your own, or have them professionally replaced by your local awning installation company.
  3. Cheap motor – Not every manufacturer focuses on providing their customers with quality products. If the motor on your awning constantly fails, it may be time to look for a replacement motor that will work with your current awning but will last longer with fewer issues. The only way to know if your awning is compatible with a replacement motor is by talking with a professional awning installation technician.

Knowing how to handle these situation could make owning an awning more enjoyable and less of a struggle. If you are unable to complete these repairs yourself or simply do not have the time to do so, contact your local awning professionals at places like Dean Custom Awnings for assistance.