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Mobile Home Roof Maintenance

If you own a mobile home, it's very important that you properly maintain its roof. Mobile home roofs are usually made of a rust resistant metal. Asphalt is used as a sealant around any pipes or protrusions. There are times when it's necessary to carry out maintenance on a mobile home roof. However, this is not particularly difficult or very expensive. You should make repairs and do maintenance to your roof whenever you notice leaks on the inside, weak areas or cracks. The following will show you how to do this.

What You Will Need

  • Folding Ladder

  • Plastic Spatula

  • Old Toaster Oven

  • Open Safe Container

  • Patching Cement

  • Cement Sealer

  • Roller Brush

  • Paintbrush

  • Paint Tray

  • Roof Coating (Elastomeric)

  • Reflective Paint

Step 1. Position a ladder against your mobile home so that you can go up onto the roof and examine it. Begin at one end of the mobile home and make your way to the other, looking for any damage you need to repair.

Step 2. You will need to fill any holes or cracks that you see. For smaller cracks (those smaller than one quarter-inch), you can use patching cement to seal the crack. If the crack is bigger than this, you can use melted plastic (see instructions below for melting plastic) to seal the crack and then cover it with the cement. You can do the same for any gaps around pipes or other protrusions.

Step 3. Put on two coats of a cement sealer, applying them to the cracks in a clockwise direction. Allow this sealer to dry for 12 hours.

Step 4. Now it's time to cover the roof with the elastomeric roof coating. You can use paint rollers or paintbrushes to do this, making sure you entirely cover the cement patches. If you want to be particularly thorough about the job, you can choose to cover the entire roof with the coating. This will reduce the chance of any future problems. Allow this coating to completely dry.

Step 5. Use the roller brush to apply a coating of reflective paint. This will reduce summertime heating inside your mobile home and save you money on your energy bills.

How to Melt Plastic

Never do the following indoors, since the fumes can be dangerous.

Step 1. Place cut up pieces of plastic in an open safe container. This plastic can be made up of old plastic spatulas or other soft plastics. Avoid overfilling the container, since you don't want the melted plastic to spill.

Step 2. Place an old toaster oven outside your home, plug it in and get it to 250°F.

Step 3. Place the container with the plastic inside it into the toaster oven. Closely examine it, making sure to avoid the fumes. When the plastic is completely melted, you can remove it. You may have to increase the temperature by 20-50 degrees, since plastics vary in their melting points. Contact a company like Valley Roofing.